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An Ayahuasca Community dedicated to providing information regarding Healing with Ayahuasca, DMT, Consciousness and Spirituality.

This is the most conclusive website on the web with regards to Ayahuasca, DMT, Consciousness and Spirituality in general.  You can watch videos, read articles, find a retreat in Peru or anywhere in the world, join and share information on forums or just browse quality information.  Access this site as your own personal Spiritual Search Engine.  This is where you will find out everything you ever wanted to know about the spirit vine.  Our pages include information on Ceremonial Diets (dietas), Yaje Recipes, Ceremonies & Experiences, Research, Shamanism, Spirituality and much more.

Consciousness and Spirituality go hand in hand and we have plenty of information that you are seeking.  Check out our Spirituality section.  All the information on our website is free.  We believe in spreading quality information for mindful seekers.  If you would like to see additional information on this website, feel free to contact us at healingwithayahuasca@gmail.com.  We welcome your comments, feedback, questions and requests.  Don’t forget to join our Newsletter to gain more information as it is published.

Are you wondering what this Spirit Vine is all about?  Then don’t forget to read the Aya Manifesto as it provides detailed information from the Spirit Vine itself and watch as many videos you want on our Video section.  We hope this website provides you with important information about Spirituality and Consciousness as a seeker of the truth.

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