2017 March

The Journey to healing

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A Few Years ago, Seems a lifetime, If you would have told me that healing and awareness were possible… I would have thought you were out of your mind!

I was a 40 something guy who was absolutely miserable on every front. My marriage was a shambles. On the fast track to disaster. I had kids that were counting on me and i did not TRULY understand the depths of that responsibility. To cap it off.. the Home-life or lack there of in my adolescence continually haunted me. To say that i was unhappy would be the understatement of the Century.

Fast forward a few years and i was introduced to Ayahuasca and the benefits of this plant based healing tea. I was intrigued, a probable way to “Let Go” and start The Long Journey to Healing and Awareness. I am one of the lucky guys to have the most incredible support systems you can ask for. My current wife actually chased me across the country because she saw the “Good” and the peace that resided deep in my soul. To this day i don’t see how or why. But, i am ever so grateful. Her best friends and my daughter are the foundation to my Rock. This posting will end up being a several part Journey to Healing and Awareness. The road is long and not exactly all pleasant. One thing to bear in mind continually is probably the key ingredient to your new “Life”.

You must let someone in to the real you. Meaning, you must have at least one person you can be completely honest with. Someone who knows you to the core. I cant begin to stress how important this is. We as humans tend to hold on to everything. Its easier for us to tighten our grip than to let go. This transformation in you will not reach its full potential without a solid support system. Healing hurts on many levels and you have to have an outlet.

A good place to start would be to read “The Ayahuasca Manifesto”. Ask yourself, Is this really right for me? If you have come this far, you have an idea of what Ayahuasca is and the healing properties it contains. This stuff is no joke! There is a great deal of research that needs to be done and some deep soul searching. It’s a commitment to wanting to change and heal on a deeply spiritual level. The awareness you recieve, even in the beginning is life changing. You would benefit from some reading and to figure out the depth of Trauma your life may have endured. Emotional literacy and ending the cycle of whatever pain is engulfing you on a spiritual level is very powerful. Just a deeper understanding as to why we feel emotions and what triggers behaviors. The Manifesto will raise these questions and many more.

Many of us have an inbred instinctive understanding of what our “Awareness” is. That spirit that lives inside of all of us, a sense of our own life force and being. This also makes us sensitive to the energy of others. Becoming aware is a process of awakening, almost a self rediscovery. This will start to happen as you dive deeper into this journey of yours. moving forward is really up to you. Baby steps are fine as long as you are making progress. Do not become complacent as we all do. This is your life we are talking about.

Finding that inner peace and raising your awareness will dramatically change your life. You can almost feel the vibrations of the earth change and you draw good things your way. Healing and awareness are possible. I am proof. You have to start your journey somewhere. Pray, Meditate, hike… Whatever you choose to do. It starts within you first. My first Ayahuasca experience taught me that if nothing else.

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