2017 June

My first DMT experience

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My first DMT experience completely blew my reality. The day I was introduced to it, I really didn’t know anything about it. But I trusted the person who gave it to me. From the very first moments I felt a presence with me and I kept hearing someone say “let go” over and over and the next thing I know I was speeding through a tunnel of kaleidoscope colors. It was a rush like I never felt before. The 40 minutes I was under felt like years. So many vision coming and going one by one. Visions of past experiences were strong and I had a full 360 view of them, which is hard to understand unless you have felt it and seen it. I understood what others thought and felt, it was an amazing journey. I saw shapes that were alive and beings that were intelligent. More than anything I felt so connected to EVERYTHING, the earth, the galaxy, the space, other beings, everything living, all energies, it truly was a life changing experience. When I came out of it, life was different for me. Colors were brighter, sound was more intense, my reality seemed sharper and I knew there were endless possibilities. I was even connected deeply with simple things like food. When I ate, I could sense and feel where the food came from, how it was harvested and cooked. Life has not been the same since.

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